You are not alone!

You have heard it said it takes a village to raise a child…well it takes that same village to send out a global compassion team. The experiences that lay ahead are all because someone was sent ahead of you – you are the recipient of someone else’s good will and sacrifice. Some sacrificed their lives in service. Many gave up their physical lives to obey the call, allowing us the opportunity to travel to places and be involved in works of God that change time and eternity. Know that, as you embark on this journey you did not forge this path on your own. There are thousands and thousands of faithful partners that made it possible; partners who are praying and sacrificing time and treasure for the opportunity that awaits you. Be always mindful of them, pray for them as they pray for you, and sacrifice your will, as they have sacrificed treasure. Be aware of the “village” that stays behind as you go ahead…and thank God for them. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

This Beyond  Borders Material has been prepared to help you get ready to enjoy the trip of a lifetime. In this guide, you’ll find everything from detailed information about your country and packing tips to engaging lessons about diversity, servanthood, spiritual health and much more! Our prayer is that you let the Lord lead you like never before and trust Him with your life as you give more and take less. If you let Him…things will never be the same!


  • Complete Form Packet that was emailed to you by JANUARY 28.

  • If you don’t have a passport:

    • Apply for one IMMEDIATELY. You may show your receipt to your trip leader to waive your $100 deposit. Click here to begin the application process. 

  • If you have a passport:

    • Check the expiration date TODAY to see that it will be valid for at least 6 months after your return date and...

    • Check that it has at least two empty pages and is in good condition.

    • If you need to renew your passport, click here to begin the process. 

  • Pay your $100 deposit on your GroupRev page by JANUARY 28.

  • Customize your GroupRev page and begin fundraising ASAP.

  • AT YOUR LEISURE, begin gathering some of the items you’ll need for your trip. (See your country page.)

  • Make an appointment with your doctor BY MARCH to ask about immunizations and order any necessary medications / prescriptions.