Make sure you provide yourself with plenty of time to pack for your trip. In other words, don’t leave your packing until the night before (or the morning before if you’re uber-crazy.) The more time you have to pack, the less likely you’ll find yourself carting around unnecessary items and forgetting necessary ones.

Invest in travel gear. Most grooming accessories and hygiene products are available in travel sizes. Go over your itinerary. Use the suggested list of items as a starting point. Collect everything on your itemized list and place the items around your suitcase so you can decide what will make the cut. Pack items likes shoes, blow dryers, and purses around the outer perimeter, and work your way in. Perfect the use of the nook and cranny: use the odd-shaped cracks between these items to tuck in your socks, bathing suits, and belts. Stuff your undergarments in your shoes to both maximize space, and keep your shoes from squishing. Lay your clothes in a flat stack: tank tops in one, tees in another, shorts in another, and so forth. Roll each stack (thicker items such as sweaters will have to be rolled individually.) Place each bundle side-by-side in your suitcase. Wear bulky items.


Don’t plan on doing laundry while you’re away. You may pack some travel sized laundry detergent to wash an item or two in the sink, if necessary.


Most restrooms in country don’t allow flushing of anything. You must dispose of everything, even toilet  paper in a waste basket in the stall. Often there is no toilet paper provided, so carry a roll in your backpack at all times. There may be long stretches of time without access to facilities so “go” at every opportunity!


To avoid any embarrassment for our female team members, here is some advice on personal matters. If you have more questions, feel free to ask an experienced female team member/leader. She will be glad to coach you through these delicate matters.

Even if you aren't scheduled to have a period while you’re away, we recommend that you take supplies just in case because you won’t necessarily be able to purchase them in country. Travel (especially long flights) have a way of throwing off your system. Many of our female team members have found themselves starting early. You should even have supplies with you on the plane. Don’t rely on a teammate having something for you during our flight – it’s a long flight to not have what you need. While in country, you will need to carry extra toilet paper to dispose of all items by wrapping them and placing them discreetly in a waste basket. Also, you will probably want to wear extra protection since the access to restrooms may be limited. For example, if you typically use tampons alone, add a pad as a precaution. Better to be a little uncomfortable than deal with an accident and any embarrassment. Many women have done it before—you can do it!