I recognize and accept the following terms and conditions which will further the effectiveness of the Global Compassion Team.  If accepted I promise to abide by the policies and principles set forth in this document.

I AGREE... to attend all required trainings and meetings, small group meetings and service projects, to participate fully and be on time.

I AGREE... to expeditiously follow up on all requirements for passport, financial obligations, vaccinations and other documentation as requested and to observe all deadlines for such.

I AGREE... to submit to the authority of the team leader(s) and staff, promising to abide by their decisions as they concern the project, remaining flexible to changes that may occur.

I AGREE... to guard my words at all times, refrain from obscene or insensitive humor and to abstain from making derogatory comments or arguments regarding people, politics, sports, religion, race, or traditions.

I AGREE... while on the field to avoid any situation where I might be alone and in a compromising situation with a member of my team (apart from members of my immediate family), or a national of our host country, and to avoid any actions which might be perceived as amorous attentions towards another.

I AGREE... while on the field to use separate accommodations if we are not living out the biblical ethic which encourages full sexual expression between a man and woman in the context of marriage.

I AGREE... to participate in the worship service experience as is appropriate to where I am at in my spiritual journey.

I AGREE... to travel with the rest of the team, interact with members of my team, remain a part of the group at all times and not wander off.

I AGREE... to dress modestly (No short shorts, tank tops, low cut tops or exposed stomachs; Guys - wear a shirt at all times).

I AGREE... not to accept an invitation from a national to participate in a activity apart from the group without checking first with team leadership.

I AGREE... to have a positive attitude and be willing to do whatever it takes to serve.

I accept these terms of participation and understand that failure to abide by these guidelines may result in my removal from the team as well as affect any decision concerning my involvement on future projects.