2019 Rosarito Mexico family trips

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Unleash compassion on the children at the City of Refuge and the surrounding community. Trips are Thursday through Sunday. Rosarito is just a few hours from Anaheim in a safe environment. Perfect for families and individuals of all age (under 18 years must attend with a parent/guardian.)    


 Adults $99  Kids 5-13 yrs $75  Under 5 yrs Free


June 13-16, July 25-28, August 1-4


Three choices:

  1. Tent or RV Camping facilities at the City of Refuge include a group campsite with restrooms and showers. There are spaces for tents and a few RVs (no hookups). If you camp, you bring your own equipment: Tent, sleeping bag(s), air mattress/mat(s), pillow(s), flashlight(s), etc. Campsites are reserved on a first come first served basis. There is no additional cost for camping.

  2. A newly constructed community bunkhouse is available on a first come, first served basis. No additional cost. There are 20 beds on each of two floors. First floor for the guys. Second floor the gals. Families will be separated by gender. Restrooms are a short walk. Note: the beds include a mattress. You will need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow.

  3. The Hotel Grand Baja Resort located about 3 miles from the City of Refuge. The additional cost for the hotel is $300 for 3 nights and sleeps 4.


Provide your own transportation, gas and Mexican auto insurance. We will meet in San Diego prior to crossing the border and then caravan into Mexico together. If you are interested in carpooling we will try to match you up but carpools are contingent on available drivers.


Passport/Passport Card

  • Everyone 16 and older must have a passport. If your child is 15 years of age or younger, they may bring their original birth certificate (no copies) as proof of citizenship AND a picture ID that matches the name on their birth certificate. A school ID would be a good choice. NOTE: It is recommended for your child to have a passport or passport card. Click on the button below to begin the process of applying for a passport or a passport card.

Physical Requirements

  • Can handle mostly unpaved, uneven terrain, some walking and lifting (can accommodate)

  • Comfortable coastal climate but no A/C.

Age Requirements

  • All ages welcome with parents

  • Minors may be allowed to attend with an approved chaperone on a case by case basis - please contact Laura lquines@eastside.com before registering.

Background Check & Team Agreement

  • Due to the nature of working in close proximity with children, it is the general policy of Eastside Christian Church that we conduct a background check on every applicant 18 and above and not currently serving in Kidside, or MRT every calendar year.

  • All attendees must agree to follow the Team Agreement

  • By submitting your registration, you are agreeing to such terms.

Helpful Reminders

  • Turn off your data roaming before entering Mexico. Consult your carrier for phone charges/international plans while in Mexico. The hotel does have wifi in the lobby only. The orphanage does not have wifi available and reception is spotty.

  • Toilet paper cannot be flushed at the City of Refuge and most parts of Mexico.

  • If you are camping, please take quick showers.

  • Tap water in Mexico is not drinkable. Be careful to not swallow it in the shower nor use it to brush your teeth or rinse your toothbrush (this includes the hotel).

  • Prior to crossing the border back into the US, be sure you have plenty of gas, have used restroom and are prepared to wait for what could be up to a few hours.

  • Do not cross the border back into the US with any fruit, vegetables or meat.

  • While at the orphanage, for safety purposes, please do not allow your children to ride in the back of trucks, on the tractor or in the utility vehicle, unless part of an official activity. 

Questions? EMaiL: Rosarito@eastside.com