You provide your own transportation, gas and Mexican auto insurance. We will meet in at a Home Depot in San Diego before (address and directions will be emailed to you prior to leaving), and then leave for the Mexican border and caravan into Mexico together.

mexican car INSURANCE

It is Mexican Law that all vehicles have Mexican liability insurance. Some US insurance carriers cover your vehicle with liability insurance while in Mexico; however, they do not cover the costs and/or injuries to the other vehicle. We therefore recommend you purchase your insruace in advance from (Note: liability insurance means in the case of an accident the other person is covered. If your US insurance does not cover you while in Mexico, you may want to consider buying "full coverage," insuring your vehicle and passengers as well as the other party.)


If your are travelling alone and you are interested in carpooling we will try to match you up but carpools are contingent on available drivers. You can request to be added to a carpool on the REGISTRATION FORM when you sign up or by emailing afterward. 

check-in & caravan in san diego 

We will meet for check-in and caravan across the border together as a group. Meet on Thursday at 2pm at Home Depot at this address: 950 Dennery Road, San Diego 92154. 

Detailed driving directions for crossing the border and making your way to the orphanage can be found here along with emergency cell phone numbers: DIRECTIONS TO CITY OF REFUGE.    At check-in your car will be marked temporarily to ensure you follow the correct vehicle. 

Once in Mexico, you will need about $15 in cash for tolls round trip (US dollars are fine).

We'll travel back together Sunday morning, arriving home in the afternoon. 

**Please let us know if you will be late, are not meeting us at Home Depot or if you must leave early:**