For $38.00 a month you can change a child's life! On this trip you will meet children whose lives are greatly enriched through this simple act. The monthly amount helps cover meals, education, Christian staffing, clothes/uniforms, and more. Plus you get the chance to meet your child when you travel to Mexico!

Click here to sponsor a child in Baja, Mexico!

In the “Note or Special Instructions” box, please type Eastside Christian Church. If you already sponsor a child in Rosarito or Tijuana, the opportunity to meet your child is probably one of the reasons you decided to join this Global Compassion Team. The anticipation of meeting your child may be exciting as well as anxiety provoking. Your visit is just as emotional, if not more, for your sponsored child.

While your child will be happy to receive any gifts you may bring, keep in my mind that your presence, love, attention and respect are far more important. So, when you first meet him or her, take s few minutes to talk and bond before you present any gifts.

An important reminder…The security of our sponsored children and their families is very important to us. For this reason, keep your future correspondence within the protocols of Eastside. Do not exchange you personal contact or social media information.

Please do not give money to children, parents/caregivers or staff. For the sake of security and financial integrity, all monetary gifts should be given through normal giving channels of the sponsoring organization. For questions email: sponsor@tijuanachristianmission.org


  • Do you have a nickname?

  • Tell me about your family?

  • What are your duties around your home?

  • What subjects do you enjoy most in school?

  • What is your most difficult subject?

  • Tell me about your friends and what you enjoying together.

  • Do you have a favorite bible verse? (Share yours!)

  • What is a typical day like? (Tell about yours.)

  • What are some of your hopes and dreams for when you grow older?


  • Bring blank paper and draw, color, play tic-tac-toe, etc.

  • Play! Kick a soccer ball, toss a frisbee, jump rope — have fun!

  • Take a picture and enjoy looking at them together.

  • Finally, pray with your child before you leave. Pray about the family, friends, hopes and concerns that he or she shared during your time together.