JUNE 19-30, 2019

Departure for Niger! June 19, 2019

Team will depart from Eastside Anaheim Campus to LAX by provided transportation.

NOTE: Please arrive to the "loading dock" (south side of the 6th story building) no later than 6:15PM for documentation, final bag check, and loading. 

For your convenience, and to insure everyone boards the flight, we have arranged to travel to the airport together. Teams will meet at the ECC main parking lot. You are welcome to leave your car in the assigned parking area for Global Compassion Teams. Although there is security, you do so at your own risk. After everyone has checked in, bags weighed, documentation confirmed, etc., the team will be prayed for and then will depart by van or bus for the airport. Family and friends are asked to say all goodbyes at the church. Upon return to LAX after the trip, you may be picked up at the terminal by family and friends if you wish. Otherwise, team members will be returned to the church and be reunited with family and friends there.

Niger Team Flight Information:

Norwegian Air/ Air Algerie Flight Info

Wed., Jun 19 Los Angeles - Paris DY 7098 10:15PM - 5:45PM (Jun 20)

Fri., Jun 21 Paris - Algiers AH 1001 3:30PM - 4:45PM

Fri., Jun 21 Algiers - Niamey AH 5324 8:45PM - 12:30AM

Sat., Jun 29 Niamey - Algiers AH 5325 1:30AM - 5:10AM

Sat., June 29 Algiers - Paris AH 1002 7:15AM - 10:45AM

Sun., Jun 30 Paris - Los Angeles DY 7097 3:40PM - 6:00PM